Monday, 14 November 2011


Snacking is the prime enemy of all weight loss plans. There are those absolutely, irresistible cravings for a cracker, cookie or a chocolate now and then. Snacking on fat loaded, empty sugars will undermine your efforts, diets and exercises. Snacking on healthy food items is a part and parcel of the success of weight loss plans. The key to losing weight, besides exercise is to split your meals evenly and take smaller portions. There will be hunger pangs in between.
Our body needs essential nutrients for its functions too. To compensate for all this healthy snacks are a necessity. Healthy snacks include fruits, nuts, dry fruits, yogurt, raw vegetables etc. Limit the size of your portions. We all know the secrets of a weight loss diet, but we feel emotionally deprived when not able to get a morsel of a favorite cookie or a bite of that chocolate bar. Experts recommend you do not have to punish yourself so much and can have your chip or cookie once a month. Who has the energy to wait for a whole month? My idea is to reduce unhealthy snacking gradually. 10 biscuits down to less than 5, then to nil. Thrice a day to just one after lunch, proceed to alternate days, do not stop your effort until you reach the goal of once per month. I am down to one per day and hope to stick to it before moving down the lane. To stick to your diet or exercise, motivation is thoroughly recommended. To wake up an hour earlier than others for that morning walk, to stop your meal when you were just beginning to enjoy it, to watch others go for that ice cream cone is not easy. To stay motivated experts recommend several methods. Reward yourself with non food items, when you stick to your plan. Keep track of what you are eating, do not go on a splurge when you are emotionally excited. Do not pay attention to those who tempt you to 'sin' just this time! Remember losing unhealthy weight is all about staying healthy.

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