Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Mental Makeup of the Barytas: Learn A Drug Challenge

Book Referred: Genetic Materia Medica by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
                          The Essence of Materia Medica by George Vithoulkas
Do not hold a Baryta trapped into a personality born with lower than normal intelligence. A Baryta could be a person holding a high post or could be very good in studies. Their brain could work like a computer unless you feed in something off  the track.
 “If one understands this remedy properly, one will see that there are many more Baryta constitutions around, than the world can ever dream of. Baryta Carb could even compete with the likes of Calcarea Carb and Nux Vomica in terms of frequent encounters.” says Dr. Vijayakar.

No study of a drug can be complete without studying the drug in its entirety. Baryta carb is a drug where the mental makeup needs to be thoroughly understood before making a prescription. Barytas display a picture where the mental growth is sacrificed or it may show a sacrifice of both mental and physical growth.
An adult behaving like a kid is how the Barytas feature themselves. Shy, timid, lack of self confidence points to a Baryta. It is noteworthy to mention a Baryta may be hidden in a person holding a high post in a firm. He just lacks the skill to communicate and no self confidence too. A Baryta may be full of confidence too, displaying a careless and heedless act.
The Barytas are fond of routine. They stick on to a boring job, they stick on to their old ideologies or they may not be willing to change with the changing times.  They may show a resistance in learning new gadgets. The Barytas may be unreasonably obstinate too. They will not give way in an argument.

Misplaced is yet another term to describe the Barytas. They are misplaced as regards to their priorities in religion, misplaced anxiety; they may be unable to grasp the complexity of a situation. They are confused while answering questions. You may have to re phrase your questions before they are able to answer them.
The Barytas do not learn from their mistakes. They could be cheated again and again. They do not observe carefully and do not innovate. Dr. Vithoulkas uses the Greek word “Micronous” to describe a Baryta. This means “small mind” or “simple mindedness”.

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