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Check list of Symptoms of Ferrum Phosphoricum in Fevers :Learn A Drug Challenge

Books Referred: Lectures on Materia Medica, Dr. J. T. Kent
                            A Synoptic Key to Materia Medica, C. M. Boger
                           Homoeopathic Drug Pictures, M. L. Tyler
Ferrum Phosphoricum is widely used for the treatment of fever, to control or bring down the fever. It was widely promoted by Schussler as part of his twelve tissue remedies. His practice was to use it in the first stage of inflammatory fevers. This post is about the symptoms of Ferrum Phos in fever, but let me quote from Kent to remind you not to restrict it in fevers alone. Kent says, “While it has been used by Schuessler's followers for the first stage of inflammatory fevers, it is useful in the higher potencies in chronic diseases, and is a deep acting anti-psoric.”

Appearance: The appearance of a Ferrum Phos patient does matter in its prescription. A Ferrum Phos patient has the appearance of false plethora. They are pale and anaemic , subject to sudden and violent congestions and inflammations.
General Modalities: Kent and Boger give a detailed description of the modalities of Ferrum Phos. The time of aggravation of some complaints is in the morning, some in afternoon; others come in the evening and night, and after midnight. The patient is sensitive to the open air, and many symptoms are aggravated in open air, Says Kent. They are always taking cold. Symptoms are worse after eating and physical exertion; sprains and overlifting.
General: It is of use in inflammatory fevers. There is high fever with dry skin. Copious night sweats with the sweat between 4 and 6 a.m. There is thirst with fever too. There is confusion of mind with great weakness. They like to be left alone.

ERRUPTIVE FEVERS: In inflammatory and eruptive fevers, it stands between the intensity of Aconite and Belladonna, and the dullness of Gelsemium, as is mentioned in several books. Tyler says this remedy is useful in measles with conjunctivitis and photophobia.
CEREBRAL HYPERAEMIA: Anger and Anxiety are the prominent features here. Anger produces weakness and the anxiety comes at night. The head feels hot and there are flushes of heat. Vertigo commences in the afternoon. The face becomes flushed too.
CONJUCTIVITIS: Ferrum Phos is indicated in conjunctivitis. The discharge is of mucus from the eyes. Keeping in tune with the general congestion, you would find that the blood vessels are enlarged. The eyes are red and painful.
OTITIS MEDIA: There is purulent discharge from the ear with pain and noises in the ear.In Tyler’s compilation, Ferrum Phos is described as being indicated in the first stage of otitis. Tinnitus is aggravated while lying down. Boger mentions that colds cause deafness.
TONSILLITIS: Swollen, red throat with pain while swallowing.
LARYNGITIS:  There is sensation of mucus in larynx. Hoarseness during coryza and a burning pain in larynx is often present.
BRONCHITIS AND PNEUMONIA: The cough is aggravated in the morning and evening. The other aggravating factors for cough would be cold air, eating, deep breathing and talking. The chest feels heavy on coughing. The expectoration is during daytime and the sputa is greenish, bloody or offensive.
CYSTITIS: Involuntary urination during daytime and is relieved by lying down. Ferrum Phos is a hemorrhagic remedy and there is blood in the urine, with tenesmus and urging.
ACUTE RHEUMATISM: There is swelling and heat of the joints. The extremities feel cold. The joints are attacked one joint after the other. There is profuse perspiration at night, yet the sweats do not relieve the pain.
The list doesn’t end here as Ferrum Phos would be helpful in felons, toothache, gastritis etc. The appearance and the general modalities are the guiding features in the remedy.  Do read Kent’s Lectures to understand the complete picture of Ferrum Phos. There is no comparison with the master, of course.

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