Monday, 23 February 2015

A Photo Diary of Bryonia: Learn A Drug Challenge

Books Referred:  Allen's Keynotes
                             A Dictionary of Practical  Materia  Medica,  Clarke
                             Leaders in Homoeopathic  Therapeuics , Nash

The weather is taking a turn; I wouldn't say it is for the better. In this part of the world it is always hot and hotter. The rains bring a respite in the heat,it becomes mildly pleasant when the rest of the world is hugging fire and now it’s hot again. Bryonia would soon be at your beck and call. The Allen’s Keynotes describes Bryonia for complaints: when warm weather sets in, after cold days; from cold drinks or ice in hot weather; after taking cold or getting hot in summer; from chilling when overheated.
This drug study of Bryonia for week 5 of Learn a Drug challenge is a photo diary of all the prominent  symptoms of Bryonia. Bryonia is a broad spectrum drug and one that no  homoeopath can  live without. Hence, this week, I present some of the most prominent symptoms  of  Bryonia through photos/ posters whatever you would like to call it.

Bryonia  patients irritable, inclined to be angry. They like to be left  alone. They get angry when questioned.

These  features are present in almost all the cases of bryonia. Look out for these causative  factors
modalities  and concomitants when you prescribe for Bryonia.

This same condition obtains in the lungs and bronchia, which causes hard, dry cough with little or no expectoration and with soreness and pain in the chest when the patient coughs.

Bryonia  is very useful in pleuritis, meningitis, peritonitis, pericarditis etc. It is also useful for effusions into serous cavities. The joints tooo haave  stitching paains when involved; during  slightest motion. The joints are red, swollen and stiff. Talking about inflammations, Bryonia is useful in mastitis and the patient holds the breast  to support it.

Bryonia has disordered stomach from  overeating when the warm weather sets in. The diarrhea is worse in the morning and from overeating.

Bryonia is useful in blood  spitting too.

The headache is present while stooping, ironing etc. The head hurts while coughing.  The person wants to lie still.

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