Thursday, 10 November 2011

A cheerful Lady

She came to my clinic to avail of the free treatment package sponsored by the management of Sea Shell Guest House. She was 60years old. she was waiting for me with a smile on her face.She was suffering from backache and pain in her knee joints. She could hardly stand straight, she had walked the distance from her house to my clinic, yet a smile on her face. She was slightly out of breath from all the walking and from the pain too, but with an unbeatable smile on her face. She lives with her son, who comes home only at night. Hers was a tale of toil and poverty,
a life spent in somebody else's kitchen, looking after another woman's children. She relates all those stories with such joy and ardour that I, who had not known such hardships in life, felt very small in comparison to her. She has lived a full life, doing what she knew and what she could and now in old age and weariness with no one to care for her she still has a smile on her face and no bitterness or malice in her heart. I could offer medications for her physical pains, but she is a therapy for others. She showed great in interest in relating the ailments of her neighbours, wanted them to make use of the free package and was asking thereabouts. Such care and concern for others from a person not valued and cared for by her kin, with a lovely smile on her face. A smile that is gentle, kind, honest, full of warmth from a person  who deserved all the wonderful things that life has to offer, but lost in an unkind world and will in future be forgotten along with her toils and labour, but that wonderful smile will always bring a cheer to my heart...

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  1. gud work makes me realise how powerful a smile can be...enduring all the pain and stress in life,yet to keep up a bright smile..and i think we all need to learn that..especialy the present generation... Keep up the good work sis...that was a touching piece.


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