Thursday, 3 November 2011


A smile adds to your personality, we are indeed drawn to people who smile. What if that person has a chubby face, two large, very beautiful eyes, an upturned nose and a single tooth to adorn his smiles? The charm of his innocence, the warmth of a special bond, the fragrance of his drools and the lovely sounds he makes(my sister comments he scolds everyone), brings a cheer to my heart.
My one year old son rules the house. Together with his brother, they make me smile, they make me go crazy. A smile not only makes you look younger and more attractive, it has several health benefits as well. A smile can change your mood and relieve stress. When I feel low, I spend my time with my kids, they make me forget tensions and anxieties. Smiling boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure. Smiling releases endorphin, serotonin and natural pain killers. Together, these three make us feel good. A smile is contagious. A smile makes other people smile as well. A smile is a sign of acknowledgment as well. A smile can make a hurt dissolve into void. In times spent with family and friends smiles accompany every conversation, snacks and dinner. Its even more joyous when these smiles mature into laughter, the sounds of which echo from your walls even after they have left the household. Such is the power of a smile...

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