Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Homoeopathy is pure science. The success of a homoeopath is the proof of the authenticity of the principles and therapeutics of homoeopthy. The failure of a homoeopath is not the failure of the system, it is rather a failure of the individual in understanding and practicing the principles of the system. There are several misunderstandings regarding homoeopathy.  A sceptic may raise various reasons to support his theory.
There are people who believe that homoeopathic pills and powders do not have therapeutic value, that the action of medicine is slow and suits for a particular group of diseases alone. Now, homoeopathy is based on certain laws and principles which suits all kinds of ailments and all groups of people. The mode of action varies with disease, also with nature of the people. If you take for example a knee joint pain that was troubling you for 6months or a year, the homoeopathic medicine works from within your body. The right medicine acts upon the individual who is suffering, and aims to correct not only the pain but the cause of the pain as well. The time taken for the cure depends on the nature of the disease, how much changes have taken place in the joint, and how far it is curable. It depends on the constitution of the individual as well. It is true in the course of the curative process you may experience a temporary aggravation of your presenting symptoms. If you bear with this patiently, the long term results will prove to you, it was worth the wait. Trust God, stick to your medications and enjoy good health...

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