Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Homoeopathic Approach


People often wonder why homoeopathic physicians enquire in detail about their symptoms, desires, anxieties, fears etc. Man is not represented by his pains, fevers or ulcers. Each man is unique like his finger prints.When a man is sick, his whole system is influenced by his illness. He may be having a simple cold, but he may still feel lethargic, his body aches here and there, he has a thirst for cold water and no appetite at all. He may feel lonely and desire the company of someone close to him or he may not like to be disturbed at all.
All these changes are because he is sick and deserves due importance just as his cold or fever. This is how homoeopathy deals with patients. It is called the holistic approach. The more details a patient gives about his condition the more easier it becomes for the doctor to prescribe for him. In homoeopathy there is a remedy which suits a particular set of symptoms and that will be the right remedy for the patient. People are often confused when we ask the details during case taking. There was this patient who told her son's appetite, thirst, perspiration etc are 'normal'. Who sets the standards for the normalcy is anybodys guess. I had to explain to her and convince her to get the details. There was this other patient who asked me "Dr. do you ask these questions to each and everyone of your patients?" An old lady came to me with her granddaughter. The patient's parents were no more and grandma was taking care of her. When I asked about her appetite and thirst, the old lady got so scared and told me, we take good care of her, we feed her well... Dear people we are not here to judge you, we are just trying to help you...

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