Friday, 9 December 2011

The Pressure of "Pressure"

High blood pressure or "pressure" as it is commonly known is a nightmare everyone crave for. Be it a headache or a momentary giddiness, people wish to have their blood pressure measured. I am not talking about people above 55years of age, who are plagued by the fears of moving towards senility and decay. People who look fit and healthy, who are in the prime of their life, when they should be thinking about what to do next, are worried about hypertension. They need not be mocked at, for their fears are not in vain. It is a small wonder how the young generation is moving fast towards atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart diseases, stroke etc.
'Generation gap',  'lifestyle changes', 'environmental pollution', 'ozone depletion' are the modern terminologies coined to blame for all the maladies of the modern world. Why not look at it as the toxic waste product of man's desire for change. In the olden times man was contended being a farmer cultivating only fertile lands, hardly disturbed by pests. When demand grew, wishes grew. To facilitate these changes, man has taken a leap from being a farmer on earth to wanting to cultivate lands on mars.
        It is high time to ponder on this matter. It is time to pay heed to the demands of the body and save it from further stresses and strains. Time and money can be saved if you pay attention to what you are eating. Stop paying attention to what not to do, start doing what must be done. Exercise yourself. Spare a half hour for a walk or split your break time to do some exercise. Enjoy the benefits of pulses, vegetables, fruits. Munch some dry fruits and nuts. Drink lots of clean water. Listen to your heart and eat intelligently. Beware, hypertension can eventually stop your heart from beating, brain from working and your life clock from ticking.

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