Sunday, 29 November 2015

No Fleeing away from Psora

There is no fleeing away from psora, once infected. The great observer that Dr. Hahnemann was, would not be contended with his treatment methodology after he started observing the diseases recurring, inspite of following his principles discovered till then. It was always the complete restoration of the sick to health, his aim, as told in the Organon; he practised what he preached.Further observations and experimentations eventually lead to the discovery of miasms. It is worthwhile to remember that it was an eventful painstaking research for 12 years before he made it known to the world of this turning point in the homoeopathic treatment methodology. The reasons behind the discovery of miasms, the nature and the cure are all treated in detail in The Chronic Diseases and Organon of Medicine. Then why are miasms misinterpreted to suit the needs of some theories?
Miasms are a mighty force to reckon with. Just a reminder that, I am talking about the three chronic miasms, namely psora, sycosis and syphilis, which are the cause of all chronic diseases. In Organon of Medicine, in aphorism 5, Hahnemann says, “ also the significant points in the whole history of the chronic disease, to enable him to discover its fundamental cause, which is generally due to a chronic miasm......” Sycosis and syphilis are the venereal miasms. It is the psora, the non venereal miasm, the cause of “all the thousands of incredibly various (acute and) chronic (non-venereal) diseases” as said in The Chronic Diseases.

Psora eruptions are easily infected. The expressions of psora has undergone a dramatic change, from the features of leprosy in the age of Moses to the invisible itch of modern days. The itch is easily infective, the itch can be easily suppressed and the itch is often forgotten. Though the psora was dreadful during the leprosy as in the modern day of itch, but the general prevalence of the itch is a dangerous tendency. Once infected, there are first internal transformation taking place, before the skin manifestation are made visible. The reactions are something similar to eruptive fevers.
Like I said there is no fleeing away from psora. Once infected, not even the most robust constitution, not even the most balanced and a completely healthy lifestyle will protect a man from the onslaught of psora. Dr. Hahnemann stresses on this point again and again, you will never forget it, that's how important it is. A healthy mode of living may delay the progress of psora. Man is bound to make mistakes. He falters or his circumstances provide a fertile ground for the psora to take a control. It is the miasms which provides the nourishment for the parasitical existence of disease.
Let me quote from the bible of miasms, The Chronic Diseases, the words of the man behind this vision: "All chronic diseases of mankind, even those left to themselves, not aggravated by a perverted treatment, show, as said, such a constancy and perseverance, that as soon as they have developed and have not been thoroughly healed by the medical art, they evermore increase with the years, and during the whole of man’s lifetime; and they cannot be diminished by the strength belonging even to the most robust constitution. Still less can they be overcome and extinguished. Thus they never pass away of themselves, but increase and are aggravated even till death. They must therefore all have for their origin and foundation constant chronic miasms, whereby their parasitical existence in the human organism is enabled to continually rise and grow.”
If you feel that if you left a minor psoric eruption alone, there is probably no risk of its suppression or it taking a deeper route. That’s a false feeling of security; the eruption could disappear on its own. We may feel safe in the popular belief that homoeopathy has no side effects. Sadly, the miasms do not pay heed to this blunder either. Any false treatment, be it any system of medicine is a huge gamble on the life of the patient. A strong vitality may recover, but it is not in the best interests to rely heavily on the vitality alone.
The chronic diseases of psoric origin when not treated in the right way, are aggravated from year to year. They could also pass into more serious symptoms. Hahnemann gives the examples of pthisis passing into insanity, pains in the limbs to hemorrhages, affections of abdomen into pains in the joints or paralysis etc.
To those who have tried to understand the miasms , and have made an attempt to capture the essence of psora, will be intimidated by its very nature; he will be on the lookout for the safest path to the restoration of the health rapidly and gently in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way. Luckily for us Hahnemann has compiled a list of antipsorics, for the cure of psora. Do not be deceived that a single dose of a single antipsoric will restore the health in all. Homoeopathic treatment is an art in itself where sulphur, hepar sulph, nux vom, the antipsorics, the non antipsorics all plays their part as and when needed. Of course, there is no scope for multiple drugs and multiple doses in a single prescription. So let’s play safe and bring to leash this mighty giant of a psora.
Let me conclude with aphorism 78, where Hahnemann says, “The true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm, which when left to themselves, and unchecked by the employment of those remedies that are specific for them, always go on increasing and growing worse, notwithstanding the best mental and corporeal regimen, and torment the patient to the end of his life with ever aggravated sufferings. These are the most numerous and greatest scourges of the human race; for the most robust Constitution, the best regulated mode of living and the most vigorous energy of the vital force are insufficient for their eradication.

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