Monday, 19 January 2015

Reading Challenge #Learn-A-Drug

We all need to read, read to know, read to learn, read to update. Those in the medical profession need to read even more, for the same reasons. Plus it is mandatory to keep up with the expanding medical and professional innovations. What better way than to take up a reading challenge?

It is a common knowledge that reading the materia medica is absolutely necessary to help us become the better prescriber for the survival of the fittest.
Yet this very habit is lost somewhere in the rat race. The aim of this reading challenge is to take up reading once again, to remember what was forgotten to acknowledge what was ignored and to update what is new.

My Plan
This reading challenge spans over three months, from 19.01.2015 to 19.04.2015. The challenge is to read a drug per week, from at least three books (where available). The blog will be updated with a new post every Monday, titled “Learn-A-Drug”,  as to the drug read, the books referred and the knowledge gained. The drug could be a polychrest, it could be a one  you already know or it could be a rare remedy, no limits. There will be a new page too on the blog titled “Learn-A-Drug” where the date, drug, source book and the link to the post be updated on Mondays. This page can be checked in case you have missed a post.

Take Part
Would you like to join hands with me in this challenge? If so follow the plan, and share it with us in the comments section. You can comment in the blog updates (Learn a Drug) on Mondays or in my face book page .

Spread the Word
Put up the link to the challenge on your face book profile, let the world know you are on a mission to grasp all that there is to know. Let’s join hands in our efforts to strive to be a better homoeopath. It is the season to march onward in our mission to cure the sick, to help the ailing humanity.

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