Friday, 31 August 2012

Chicken pox and Two Different Tales, Retold

Chicken pox can be a very irritating disease, if you put aside the ills and ailments associated with an eruptive fever. The fever, itching, body aches and other aches, the eruptions and the like is absolutely disturbing and fatiguing for a sane person, enough to drive him crazy. Normally, the appetite goes down the scale. The myth about food ingredients that cannot be consumed during this illness leaves you with a list of unpalatable materials. Now, I know a couple of persons who were sick with chicken pox. You would be wondering what is so special about it. Well, these people have something in common, but their experiences with the disease share nothing in common. I shall call them Mr.A and Mr.B (to protect their privacy) residing in two different countries. The common factors between them: both of them suffered from chicken pox, with almost similar intensity, both of them are living away from their homeland and their family (both unmarried too), very little cooking and eating hotel food on a regular basis.
Their experiences were shared with me firsthand and here are their tales:

  Mr. A is a “healthy” person as thought by many, but I shall describe him more as “beefy”, if there is a word like that. He has a huge appetite and is a big fan of non vegetarian food, fried foods are his weakness. He lives with his friends and they cook once in a while. He was down with chicken pox and his parents were dead worried, he being all alone and no caring hand to nurse him. But he tells me he enjoyed the two weeks of his paid leave. After the first three irritating days, he was happy, ate lots of food with frequent helpings of chicken biriyani, sleeping well and was a few kilos heavier in the end! His only worry being how soon the scars will fade???

  Mr. B is a not so healthy person according to the normal nomenclature, fit and fine otherwise. He often suffers exacerbations of his allergy, but follows a healthy lifestyle. He has relatives nearby but their cooking is not to his taste, so a regular hotel menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His tale of chicken pox is quite the contrary. He suffered a lot, fever, itching, aches and pains. He would call me with doubts and worries. No appetite, only gruel and soups in his menu and no proper sleep. He was in fact sick and tired of his life, away from his family.  There is no doubt he would be few kilos lighter.

  Thus goes the two tales. These cases are classic examples of individualization, from a homoeopathic perspective. A homoeopathic physician would prescribe two different medicines for the two persons. They had a common disease but how they underwent it, mentally and physically are two contrasting experiences. Homoeopathy can do wonders in eruptive fevers, for prevention and management too. If only more people were knowledgeable about the wonders of homoeopathy, the world would be a better place to live in…

Please note: This article is not meant to advocate that a healthy diet is not necessary for a healthy life. Very often the after effects of an unhealthy lifestyle is manifested later on in the life.

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  1. Hi Reshma
    Great writing. Continue your writings - u will be great writer one day.
    The last line i liked the best.


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